East Circle via Kjölur Passport

The East Circle Passport adds a new dimension to your experience of Iceland. Instead of going along the no. 1 ring road in the West, it takes you across the Kjölur inland route. The Kjölur road is only open during the summer and goes right across the central highlands of Iceland. The vast desert-like area is unique in its varied landscapes and is also teeming with life.

This passport will take you to such locations as Gullfoss, Geysir, Kerlingafjöll, Mývatn and many other interesting attractions. If you wish to experience hot springs, waterfalls, lavafields, culture and history and overall variety this is the perfect way to do it in an affordable, yet thorough, way. We can truly say that when travelling along the central highlands it is all about the journey and not the destination as there will not be a moment passing by  you would want to miss.

Price 47.000 ISK


Book this tour at the campsite reception upon arrival or pre-book by sending an e-mail to info@reykjavikcampsite.is.