Frequently Asked Questions

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Do I need to pre-book at the campsite?
We do not take reservations from individuals.  The campsite has a capacity of around 900 people and is in the period of June– August usually a very busy place.

What are the opening hours of the reception and what do I do if it is closed?
The Campsite reception is open 24/7 from May 1st through September. In the periods September – May–the reception and facilities are only partly open. Should you arrive while the reception is closed, check in at the Hostel Reception next door, open 24/7.

What if I want to camp in February?
You can camp at Reykjavik Campsite all year round, however, the reception and facilities of the campsite has limited opening hours from September 31st – May 1st. During this period payment is to be done at the reception of Reykjavik City Hostel, located next door to the campsite. During this period of Campsite facilities being closed, the facilities of the hostel will be accessible for campers.

Can I book my activities with you?
You can book all possible tours and bus passes in the reception as well as budget rental cars. We are happy to assist you with planning and booking your adventures and days out. We have heaps of information and tips about the popular hikes and we do have maps for sale. For pre bookings of tours

How do I get to the Campsite?
To get to or to find the campsite, please see this page on our website
The page contains all the information you will need regarding; Airport Transfers, directions to the Campsite from Keflavik Airport by car, information on how to get to the campsite by bus from the city center and how to get to the city center by foot. etc. Or you can buy it here.

Airport Transfers?
There are 2 different airport transfer busses available from Keflavik Airport to the campsite; “Flybus”& “Airport Express”. The campsite stop is called “Reykjavik City Hostel/Reykjavik Campsite” and is on the street in front of the campsite. Airport Express and Flybus have departures from Keflavik Airport 30-45 minutes after each incoming flight. You can buy your ticket at the airport and your return ticket in the campsite reception until the day before your departure. Or you can buy it here

How do I get to BSI bus terminal or Harpa Consert Hall?
Many of the bus passports sold at the campsite reception have departure from either BSI bus terminal (Reykjavik Excursions) or from Harpa Consert Hall (Sterna). There is a free bus service every morning at 07:10 between 14/6 – 8/9 from the campsite to these destinations.

Is there parking near/at the campsite?
Yes, there is parking in front of the Campsite and next to Reykjavik City Hostel, next door to the campsite. Parking inside the camping area is very limited and is closed off from 23:00 – 07:00. The Caravan area is open 24hrs.

What about electricity for the caravan?
There is electricity outlets available for caravans and we also rent out electricity adapters . See pricelist.

Can I store my luggage at the campsite?
Yes, we do have luggage storage and lockers for valuables.  See pricelist. During the winter you can store your luggage at Reykjavík City Hostel next door for more accessability.

How about my bike boxes?
Yes, we do have facilities to store bike boxes at the campsite. We do however only take flattened bike boxes into the bike box storage. If the bike boxes are not flattened or are of the plastic kind then the price is the same as for normal luggage storage. See pricelist.

Does the campsite sell camping gear and gas?
Yes, we do. These are the most common types we have:
· Camping gas C206.
· Camping gas CV300.
· Camping gas CV470.
· Coleman C190.
· Coleman C250.
· Coleman C500K.
– Jetboiler 100g.
– Jetboiler 230g.
– Jetboiler 450g.

Can I rent camping equipment?
The campsite does not offer camping equipment for rent. There is however shops in Reykjavik which does, two of these is: and

How do I get to the City Center from Reykjavík Campsite?
You can take the public bus “Strætó” nr. 14 down to Lækjartorg square in 10 min. You can also walk along the seaside, this will take you around 40 min or you can rent a bike with us.

Can I rent a bike at the campsite?
Can I rent a bike at the campsite?
Yes, you can rent bikes with us 24/7. We rent out modern mountain bikes in different sizes, helmets are included. There is no need to book these in advance, we have plenty available.
During the low season you can rent bikes at Reykjavík City Hostel next door.

Does the campsite have laundry facilities?
Yes! there are 2 washing machines and 2 dryers at the Campsite and more in the City Hostel, next door to the Campsite.

Can I check my Facebook profile at the campsite?
But of course! There is free WIFI available in and around the reception area, so that you can tell all of your friends about your Icelandic adventures. If you have not already, join us on Facebook for your travel tips and more: Reykjavik Campsite

Am I saving the planet by staying at Reykjavik Campsite?
Almost, our campsite in Reykjavík is the only Earth Check assessed campsite in Iceland. We do as much as we can to be sustainable, which means that we are contributing to the environment by controlling the energy and water that we consume, recycling and cleaning with eco certified chemical products. You can learn more about our sustainability policy here:

What are the attractions near Reykjavík Campsite?
There are plenty of attractions located in the area around the campsite, these include; the biggest swimming pool in Iceland, a luxury spa, a big gym, an ice-skating rink, a botanical garden and a petting zoo. You can read much more about this here:

Last but not least, ferries to the little Viðey island leave from a harbour only 20 minutes’ walk from the campsite.