Reykjavik Campsite is the only environmentally recognised camping place in Iceland


In the last years, Reykjavík Campsite has been improving its environmental approach step by step. In 2012, the campsite received the Earth Check Assessed recognition, which confirms that the campsite has an Action Plan for participating in sustainable business practices. This includes good waste management, monitored water and energy consumption, use of eco-labelled cleaning products, and raising awareness about the environment.

Reykjavík Campsite is the first campsite in Iceland to reach such a milestone towards an international environmental certification.

All guests are kindly asked to take part in the sustainable progress of our campsite and help us maintain and improve our practices.




Environmental friendly services offered to campsite guests are:

  • Bike rental service
  • Information about local transport
  • Waste sorting system into six categories: organic, plastic, mixed paper, metal, hazardous, and cans and bottles
  • Eco tips
  • Eco-labelled hand soap (Swan) and toilet paper (EU Flower)
  • Free food baskets
  • Free stuff corner
  • Fair trade coffee in recyclable coffee cups
  • Information about local fauna and flora
  • Information about eco-events happening in town or at the Reykjavík HI Hostels
  • Cleaning with >95% eco-labelled chemicals
  • A small herb garden (sometimes we even have strawberries so make sure to check it out)


Reykjavík Campsite belongs to the City of Reykjavík and it is run by  Hostelling International (HI) Iceland, an NGO who strongly values sustainability. HI Iceland runs three Swan Eco-labelled hostels (Reykjavik City Hostel, Reykjavik Downtown Hostel and Reykjavik Loft Hostel), and our campsite has benefited from the experience, knowledge, and best practices developed at the hostels.

We gladly encourage our guests to share their opinions concerning our environmental practices and we highly appreciate their help in improving our practices. In the end, this planet is what we all have in common!

Sustainability Policy


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