Thorsmork Camping

Campsite Slyppugil in Thorsmork in South Iceland

Campsite Slyppugil is Thorsmork in the highlands of South Iceland. Thorsmork Nature Reserve is one of Icelands most scenic spots and in Slyppugil you find a small, quiet campsite sutible for true nature lovers with endless possibilities og hiking.

Slyppugil is just south of Húsadalur and only just few minutes walk from the transport to/from Þórsmörk in Langidalur. Slyppugil is a starting and ending point for many hiking routs and in the area you´ll find some of Iceland´s most famous hiking routs such as Laugarvegur and Fimmvörðuháls.

Nighly rate 1.200 ISK *
Shower 500 ISK

*Access to WC is included. At Slyppugil campers do not have access to electricity, cooking equipments or indoor area. There is a playground and barbecue facilities at the campsite.

Special Offer: 20% discount of nightly rate if you buy a Transport & Thorsmörk Campsite Combo at the Reykjavik Campsite.

Opening time
The Campsite is open from June 14th – August 15th.  At arrival, please contact the warden to register.

For more information
For more information and group requests email: