RV/Caravan/Camper Area

We look after the increasing number of travelers roaming around in their motorhomes or caravan.
The Campsite has 78 pitches with hardened ground, of which 50 are for cars in need of electricity. 

At the Reykjavik Campsite, we follow strict guidelines from the Icelandic Fire Authorities and take preventive measures in order to prevent injuries, loss of life, and loss of property in fires.
The ground has been arranged in such a manner that the free distance between each bigger camping unit (parked in the middle of the pitch) is according to the rules.

IMPORTANT – especially regarding the CAMPER/RV/CARAVAN Area 
– There is restricted access to the area. 
– There is a fire rescue plan, accessible to guests. 

– There should be a minimum distance of 1,8m between Small Campers (red block on map)
– There should be a minimum distance of 4.0m between bigger Camping Units (yellow and blue block on map).
– No tents are allowed in the Camper/RV/Caravan area. 
– No awnings/pre tends/fortjöld are allowed in the Camper/RV/Caravan area. 
– The caravan tow hook should face forward, towards the road; easy to connect if needed. 
– The vehicle itself should face forward; towards the road, easy to drive out if needed.  

Campsite Staff is around at all hours, ready to help and organize the area in accordance with rules. 
Campsite facilities, including the Kitchen and our Green Lounge, are open all hours.
Thank you for your understanding.
We appreciate your cooperation. 


Reykjavik Wastewater facilities
The one and only Reykjavik Wastewater facilities are at Klettagarðar 14 Station, less than a 5 min drive from the Campsite.  See Google Maps.

For more information, please contact us at info@reykjavikcampsite.is